Amidst the spread of the COVID pandemic, weddings in India have shrunk to accommodate no more than 50 guests. This is a government directive and, indeed, a need of the hour. However, having a small wedding doesn’t mean that the couple compromises on the grandiose, and a chance to create the most beautiful memories of their special day.

Fairytale weddings are every bride’s dream, and a COVID wedding should be no different!

Nevertheless, to bring this sentiment to fruition, the couple/families and the event planners should collaborate and intricately plan every little detail to make the day safe and memorable, and GRAND in the real sense of the term. Moreover, if one scratches the surface, there are many factors of a COVID wedding that work in favor of the couple, especially the small guest lists. Here is how:

• Easy management
• Only those who matter, make it
• Spending only a fraction on catering
• A higher chance of everyone remaining safe
• Organizing a single function as opposed to festivities that run for days
However, as the times are unprecedented, one would need to consider many factors while planning a COVID wedding.

• Choosing a venue that prioritizes safety arrangements:
While choosing the right venue has always been a significant task for the families, for COVID weddings, it has become more important to choose the right one. The ideal venue in these times would be one that can arrange for distanced seating of the guests, can ensure the installation of sanitization stations, can ensure that all the crew would be adequately screened, and would adhere to all other such measures.

• Proper decoration to compensate for the lack of guests:
Intimate weddings in India are a rare occurrence, limited only to extreme circumstances. In fact, in India, a considerable measure of the grandiose of the wedding is the number of guests that grace the occasion. Hence, to make the event feel grand and alive when the guest list is small is a difficult task. One way to compensate for this would be to decorate the venue in an opulent manner that makes the place look complete at the time of the wedding.

• Keeping track of the guests for three weeks post weddings:
When it comes to the pandemic, one can never be too cautious. Hence, it would be advisable for the event managers to maintain the guests’ contacts and people who worked to make the wedding a success for at least three weeks, lest one of them tests positive for COVID.

• Entertainment and enjoyment factor
A significant transformation that weddings will have to undergo owing to COVID is how the marriage is celebrated, and the guests are entertained. This doesn’t mean that people will not have a way to enjoy the wedding. For instance, the beloved dance floor will have to be reconceptualized.

• Smaller crews:
As the main point of focus for COVID, weddings is having minimum people present, the crew for various arrangements will also have to be downsized. For instance, instead of having a large team for photography, a crew of one or two will have to suffice.

While it will be crucial for the couple/families to keep such factors in mind, a significant chunk of these responsibilities will fall on the venue managers’ shoulders. This is because these factors, apart from the usual amenities, location, parking facilities, etc., rely on the venue’s infrastructure. Hence the first factor, choosing the right venue, is the most crucial decision.

We, at GUCEC, believe in constant evolution. Through the 13 years of our presence in the heart of the city, we have had chances to host a host of MICE events and weddings, each of them having unique requirements. And though we understand that this time, the changes are more challenging than ever, our dedicated team is ready to embrace the new normal, and make weddings special for couples.

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