Taking into account rapidly changing economic conditions, we have decided to stand united against the global pandemic and its after-effects. 

The Indian Economy is severely hit by the COVID-19, making the industry weak at several levels. Considering the downfall and slowdown in the market, we have decided to offer a 20% reduction for all the events and exhibitions to be held till 31st March 2021.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Offer is applicable to all the bookings starting from 20th April, 2020
2. Applicable to all the events to be held till 31st March, 2021.
3. Discount will only on be venue rentals.
4. Rescheduling of the events will be allowed free of cost for one time.
5. Applicable to bookings of all the venues at GUCEC.
6. Management reserves all rights.
7. Subject to Ahmedabad Jurisdiction only.

For more information, Please call on  9687084745